About Us (PCbook)

About Us

Few Words about PCbook

In today’s time, with the advanced technology and widespread use of the internet, cyber crime, fraud, cheat, scam, dishonesty, corruption, bribely has become a real threat to society and due to this innocent people is falling into different kinds of illegal activities. Besides this, cyber criminals nowadays create fake social media profiles and fake websites to be friend innocent people to obtain their confidential or personal data and so on.

PCbook is an online destination where you can file complaints about any specific person, business or website and get your query/problem resolved. This portal was founded in 2019 as an initiative to find out fraudsters, scammers, those who do injustice with common people on the internet or surrounding socity. If you, too, have been scammed or became a victim of injustice, you can simply lodge a complaint at PCbook with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

As per the requirement, while filling a complaint, we will need you to fill up the following sections, i.e. name, contact details, and address for mailing. After you file a complaint at Pcbook, our official authorities find out possible ways to take legal action against the person or company that you have complained for.

Not only companies and organizations, but you also get the option to lodge a complaint against a person who troubles you ethically, non-ethically, socially, mentally, financially. You just need to enter correct and accurate information of the person who scammed or did wrong to you and we will prompt action as soon as we can.

What’s so special about PCbook?

When it comes to finding out a punctual, trustworthy, honest, committed, responsible and a reliable source of filing complaints online. PCbook provides you the public platform to raise your voice against wrong and get justice through it.

Most importantly, PCbook is 100% free and you can lodge complaints without paying a single penny. Yes, you heard that right. Moreover, Pcbook gives you the option to arrange your witnesses/support of your complaint at a public level with multiple social platform sharing options like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Suggestion from PCbook

If you have any doubt on any person or company, you can figure out them just using their identity such as mobile number, pan number, AADHAR number, GST number, CIN etc. Also make sure to check out their public profile and public disputes against that person or company (if any). After knowing all about that person or company you can take the right decision in your personal and professional life and protect yourself from being any kind of victim.

We are going there

In recent years, with responsive customer service, PCbook looks forward to removing fraud activities such as scam, thief, robbery, corruption, bribery, cheating, dishonest, injustice, non-ethic. Our ultimate goal is to remove all these immoral activities from our surroundings as well as the online workplaces.

We surely believe that Pcbook will be able to provide customers with satisfactory service and help them get all their problems resolved. All you need you to join our hands and after a few years this crime ratio will surely fall down. Moreover, Pcbook deals with the complaints relating to deprivation of rights of women and involving any injustice to women.

Now is the time to stop the injustice and with PCbook, you can lodge a complaint against any scam or fraudulent activity and we in return, will recognize, mitigate and prevent these threats on behalf of you at no cost before it’s too late. Let’s make India trend-setting and a corrupt-free nation with Pcbook.

Our Vision

Nowadays in India, many people are victim of many kinds of unusual activities. There are a handful of people in our country who are in true ways.  Whenever we compare japan and India upon Punctuality, Trustworthy, Reliability, Honesty and committed, we realize that there are cosmic differences between both countries.  Our motive is to remove all kinds of illegal activities such as fraud, scam, thief, robbery, corruption, bribery, cheating, dishonest, injustice, non-ethic etc and to reduce civil cases from India in the coming years. Everybody knows that happier people are more productive to the society. When India gets free from fraudulent cases, people will live longer without any fear or regrets and India could become a well-developed nation. Therefore to remove fraudulent cases from India, we have designed this platform where people can lodge their grievances freely at pcbook.in and PCbook which will settle their complaints without demanding a single penny, in other hand this website will help to stay away from those people who have intention is doing any unusually activities with ingenuity people.

We do not want our country to be known for illegal activities. Everyone in the world looks up to a nation who thrives on punctuality, reliability, committed and transparency. This is our way of eradicating all forms of trickery and making India a 'well-developed' nation.

One day, the coming generations would proudly say that they belong to a country which is known for its transparency, commitment, honesty, reliability, punctuality, and trust.

Our Vision is to ensure that India becomes a trend-setting nation. Eradicating fraudulent, scam, theft, robbery, dishonesty, cheating, bribery, corruption, and all non-ethical acts is our main goal and to make India one of those countries known for Punctuality, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, transparency and committed.

Our Mission

The mission of PCbook is to provide customers the most convenient help in filing the complaint against whoever they want. PCbook respect the precious time of yours therefore by compiling all the necessary spaces at one platform we want to save your time too.PCbook acts as a power tool for you by helping you get the justice for your pride. PCbook helps people live with the respect, dignity and peace they deserve. PCbook believes in providing the justice in an ethical manner. The main focus is to remove all the evil happenings occurring in and around us as much as we can.