Idea And Contribution

Exploring the role behind making to PCbook

How did the idea of PCbook originate? (6)

The idea of PCbook clicked Mr. Bijay kumar's mind, A businessman from Gurgaon, when he was watching news on TV one morning. He heard that all types of frauds and illegal activities such as robberies, scam, cheating, corruption, bribery, snatching, dishonesty, injustice etc. Have been taking place in day to day life against innocent people, just to rob their blood and sweat earnings. He felt very bad that still even in morden world, people are getting trapped by such fraudsters and criminals. Then he decided to create an online platform where all these kind of problems could be removed and resolved.

He also decides to give people various options to recognise their issue type e.g. fraud, scam, corruption, cheating, dishonesty, injustice, non-ethic etc.

PCbook has established itself as a remarkable online complaint platform where all the above problems of common people get resolved using legal action. PCbook has always believed in helping people and is continuously trying hard to serve people as best as possible.

Who has designed and layout of the PCbook? (5)

Mansi bhalla from Gwalior (MP), Himanshu from Delhi and Ujjwal mondal from Kolkata are extremely talented and experienced designer, has designed the phenomenal layout of PCbook. both had been contacted to get this work done and he just gave his best. As a result, we have this highly helpful website according to it's users.

Who’s contributed the most to develop the website? (5)

Rinki Dubey from Sonipat and Huma Sayyed from Delhi, the two outstanding web developers contributed the most by Sharing their vision and thoughts to develop this website. Both were very impressive at their work and gave their best to build PCbook. Besides these two web developers, Himanshu Kumar just put up the "Cherry on the cake" by giving PCbook an extraordinary and eye-catchy look.

Who has been the content writer of the website? (5)

Rajib Roy from Kolkata and Kritika balu from chennai worked with PCbook as a content writer and created meaningful and effective content for PCbook. His contents has been very catchy and informative since always. He just handled PCbook very efficiently.

Finally, PCbook comes up with a huge team of great designers, developers & graphic designer, content creators & lawyer, Project planner and leader, Web security /Ethical hacker, customer support team, Auditor CA, project trainer. They all comes from different parts of India and working Altogether without having any issue.

Besides these members, if there is anyone out there who feels the needs to become a contributor to PCbook, feel free to contact us and share your Ideas by emailing us at and don’t forget to mention your name and city. after that If your idea is accepted by us, then we will represent your idea here with your name and city that you are the creator and inventor of the idea.