How Do I File Complaint against Someone on pcbook?


Yes, it's absolutely necessary to have an account at PCbook in order to file and view your previous complaints. To lodge a complaint or use any other facility offered by PCbook, an user has to first register on PCbook with an his/her full name, email address and a preferred password.

You can file any types of complaint; let it be due to corruption, illegal activities, dishonest, spoilage, fraud, injustice, non-ethically, socially, financially, injustice and so on.

You cannot file any complaint against love cases or any online dating fraud. Besides this, pornography, sexual, rape, gang rape, sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited as per PCbook policy. It is also restricted to file complaints that are related to any sexual content, sexual images, sexual audio, sexual videos, etc. One cannot file complaints related to these mentioned topics, otherwise it may lead his/her account at PCbook to get suspended (including blacklisting of your account).


As per the policies of PCbook, complaints against major crimes such as theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, accident, chain-snatching, assault, rape, murder, attempt to commit murder has be filed at a Police Station only.

PCbook shall only entertain complaints about minor crimes or the non-cognizable crimes.Your complaint shall be referred to the concerned Police Station, where you may be called for further clarification and/or to give statement to support your case.


Also you cannot file more than 1 complaint against a person on same topic at PCbook. Otherwise, as a result it also will lead your account to suspension. It is prohibited to file any same complaint on a single person frequently. Or else it will lead you to suspension of your PCbook account and any other prompt action may be taken under the PCbook policies.


It is also prohibited to file a same complaint 2 or more times against a same person/company, otherwise PCbook shall be liable to permanently terminate the account. 


All complaints should be based your own experienced and you cannot file any complaint an unknown person who tries to behave like your relative, your friends & family members. They need to file their own complain from their own PCbook account only.


Your dispute should not more than 7 years old. It’s prohibited to file any complaint on PCbook in which the dispute was between you and your defendant and that, too more than 7 years old.

For filing a complaint against any person, you must have any of the mentioned identity proof documents of the 2nd party, i.e. Mobile number / PAN number or Aadhar number. Next you will need to describe about your complaint with a minimum of 100 characters and you also get the option to attach some proof of evidence. For strengthening the base of any complaint, it is recommended to enter all the important details, like Aadhar number, PAN number, mobile number and so on.

Of course, you can. PCbook gives you the option to file a complaint in multiple regional languages so that it becomes easier for you to describe your complaint in details. Describe your complaint in your native language and submit without any interrupt.

Of course, you can. PCbook gives you the option to file a complaint in multiple regional languages so that it becomes easier for you to describe your complaint in details. Describe your complaint in your native language and submit without any interrupt.

To file a complaint against a person, you will have to fill up the necessary identity details, such as Mobile number and/or Aadhar number and/or PAN number and in case of submitting a complaint against a company; you’ll need to enter GST or CIN number of that particular business/organization.


B. Besides this, you can also gather your maximum evidences, such as audio evidences files, videos evidences and photographs evidences files and in case if you have any E-evidence, you can print out or take screenshots which will help your highlight the evidences and strengthen the base of your submitted complaint.

PCbook highly recommends its users to add the below-mentioned evidences while filling any complaint, such as-

  • Photography/Images
  • Audio/ Voice record
  • Videos
  • Invoice/bill
  • Agreement
  • Chat transcripts
  • URL of webpage/ Links
  • Online money transfer receipt
  • Credit card receipt
  • Bank statement
  • Envelope (if received a letter or item through mail or courier)
  • Brochure/Pamphlet
  • Copy of email
  • Suspect mobile number screenshot
  • Any other kind of document

PCbook never takes any legally court’s action but forwards your complaint to the 2nd party or the defendant. After giving the notice, if the 2nd party directly ignores your complaint or if they don’t show the liability to resolve the problem you faced from them, then the complaint status will be changed to “Waiting for resolution”. After the complaint status changed to waiting for resolution, PCbook will then try to resolve your complaint in every possible manner and while the “Waiting for resolution” status is active, anybody would be able to see that complaint using the 2nd party’s (defendant’s) identities, such as his/her Mobile number, Aadhar number, PAN number or Social number and so on. However, if the complaint is against a company, then that complaint can be visible using that company’s Name, GST number, CIN number.


After given time over if 2nd party ignores your complaint then complaint status will be change into “Waiting for resolution” then anyone will be able to view that complaint using the 2nd party’s Mobile number, PAN number, Aadhar number, social number or GST number, CIN number, Company name all over india.

After submitting a complaint, at first PCbook will notify the 2nd party (defendant) that you have lodged a complaint against him/her or their company. After that if the 2nd party replies with by posting evidences that don’t support your complaint and if the 2nd party also arranges his/her witness support to show ingenuity to your complaint, then you shall need to arrange maximum amount of witness to show its trustworthiness during the complaint running period.


After the complaint time gets over, if PCbook gets maximum support in favour of your, then PCbook will try its level best to resolve the complaint in their every possible manner. However if PCbook gets maximum number witness support from the 2nd party (defendant’s) then PCbook will have no other option but to delete the complaint as a result, the 1st party will be blocked to file new complaint for a limited period of time.

First of all you need to go after you login, you will have two options to delete that complaint. With the first option, you can arrange more and more witness’s support within 3 days to claim the complaint false so that PCbook can delete the complaint completely.


With the second option, you can come to a settlement where you have to pay the 1st party claimed lose, damage or compensation amount through PCbook, and this is how the person who complained against you will get his/her the amount refunded by PCbook. And complaint will be deleted by PCbook after complaint settled.

The settlement button will only get enabled if the 1st party (plaintiff) had filled their settlement fields correctly and only if they want to allow you to resolve that complaint by paying their compensation amount. On the other hand, if the 1st party doesn’t want to come to a settlement, then the settlement button won’t be visible on your complaint.

If you haven’t seen your complaint before but the time period for complaint is already over, in such case you will have an option to reopen your complaint. However, if you want to reopen your complaint, then you will have to prove your innocence within 3 days. The same process is applicable when you are going to do a new complaint submission as well.

Only the 2nd party/defendant is allowed or given the option to reopen a previously lodged complaint for once. After reopening the complaint, the defendant has to prove his/her innocence within 3 days

Once a particular complaint status gets changed into “Waiting for resolution” then anyone will be able to view that complaint using the 2nd party’s Mobile number, PAN number, Aadhar number, social number or GST number, CIN number, Company name.

We would like to inform you that if you didn’t update your Mobile numbers, Aadhar number, PAN number and other identities in your profile, you wouldn’t be able to access any of your complaints in that registered account on PCbook. That is why we recommend you to update your all required identity document proof under your “profile section”. Then you will get to see all your complaints under your registered account.

Once you upload your mobile number, Aadhar, PAN and business details (GST number, CIN) etc, then if someone complaining against you or against your business then will able to see all your complaints under that registered account.

PCbook recommends its users to set a primary number so that they can stay informed of all important notifications, information, messages and calls directly to their primary number from the officials of PCbook. You can even reset your password using your primary number and also use the number for logging into your account as well.

No, you can’t. Even if you already had updated all your mobile numbers in your profile, you wouldn’t be able to log in and reset password using your other mobile numbers. It is only possible using your primary mobile number. Pcbook allows to you changing your primary number once in every 90 days.

Sooner or later, PCbook will come up with an option where either Aadhar or PAN number may be mandatory to update your existing account. Remember, you cannot add one aadhar/PAN number in your multiples account. PCbook will give a stipulated time to its users to upload their aadhar/PAN number. If those identity documents are not uploaded on given time, PCbook will suspend those users and they won’t be able use the same mobile number in any other account.

If you update someone else’s Aadhar, PAN or GST number by mistake, then all the complaints against that Aadhat PAN or GST number can be viewed under the “Search your mobile number” option and this is how public may consider any previously lodged complaints that had been submitted against you. As a result, this may spoil your public reputation.


So, at the time of entering your Aadhar number, PAN number or GST number, you need to pay attention carefully that is yours, and if you are anyhow using someone else’s Aadhar number, PAN number or GST number, there are must chances that you may get suspended permanently and penalized by PCbook as well. If your account gets suspended, you will no longer remain eligible to sign up/ create a new account on

If you added someone else’ mobile number in your profile, now the original mobile number holder could be able to reset your account password using their mobile verification by OTP and it will give them full access to your own PCbook account. Even, they will be able to update, delete, or modify any details they wish to. Also, because of this, you may lose your authentication as well.

If you have entered the wrong name that doesn’t match with you ID proof, you may fall in trouble in the near future, especially in case of receiving settlement payment from the 2nd party. Due to the mismatch of your name with your bank account, the payment may be put on hold by PCbook or else your account may get suspended permanently.

There is no any option to revise your aadhar and PAN number once you have already entered them on your profile. In short, you won’t be able to update your Aadhar and PAN number once entered.

If you wish to pay your settlement amount by instalment, the complaint will be disabled by PCbook and at the same time, the EMI amount will get deducted after the 1st finished instalment. After that the complaint will be deleted permanently by PCbook and you both will receive a final settlement report to your individual registered mail addresses.

If the account holder’s name does not exactly match with your profile name as well as your other submitted government ID proof documents, then there are possible chances that all your case settlement amount may be kept on hold by PCbook.


Always remember, you must add your Aadhar number or PAN number before you want to receive the disbursed settlement amount. In case of you want pcbook disburse your settlement amount into your current account then you need to update your business account with exactly match with you current account, if your Aadhar number or PAN or GST number is missing, then settlement amount may be kept on hold.


We advise you to recheck the fields where you are going to enter your Aadhar, PAN number or business registration in your profile so that you never face any identity related problems while receiving the disbursed settlement amount from PCbook.

You will receive the final settlement report only after you’ve entered the correct Aadhar number. If your Aadhar number is accurate, you will face no problem in receiving the final settlement report and it will be sent to your registered mail id by PCbook.

If your previous complaint got deleted due to maximum witness support of 2nd party or you have withdrawn your submitted complaint, then as per the terms and conditions of PCbook, you will no longer be able to file a new complaint against that person/company until a period 3 months

If your submitted complaint deleted due to any false claim, and then this has been the only reason why your account is on hold. Moreover, if you are concerned about the days that fully depend on how many of previously submitted complaints got deleted in the previous days. For example, if the total percent of previously deleted complaints is 50% then your account must be on kept on hold for a period of 50 days.

In order to maintain a safe environment for other users on PCbook, your account can be suspended if you are violating any of the policies of PCbook. Below mentioned are some of the common reasons for your account suspension:


  • Frequently submitting wrong complaints
  • Complaint submitting against wrong person/business
  • Wrong/inaccurate details provided by you
  • Account represent to other user identity
  • Maintaining multiple accounts
  • Failing to proof the account ownership
  • Providing pornography content
  • Actions any harm, damage or loss to the other Users or to the Website/Company


In some critical cases, PCbook even blacklists a user’s account permanently where he/she won’t be able to reactivate the account again. However, in case of account suspension due to normal cases, users are given the option to reactivate their individual accounts on PCbook. If anytime you get to see a popup that asks you to pay fine for any unusual activity or violating PCbook policies, then only after paying fine amount, the user’s account will be reactivated.

If you have updated your identities in your pcbook account inaccurately and/or does not exist your own or you had entered inputs of someone else Aadhar, PAN number and GST number, then your account might get suspended permanently and you never be able to sign up with a new account on PCbook again.

Did you enter the wrong user ID or password multiple times consecutively? If yes, then your account had been temporarily blocked for 30 minutes due to security reasons. Rest assured as your account will automatically be unblocked after 30 minutes and then you can retry logging in with the correct login credentials. If you are not sure about your password, you can choose to reset it by clicking on the “Forgot password” option and opt for a new one if required.

There isn’t any option to delete your account permanently. However, you are given the option to edit your full name, mobile number, email id and profile picture according to the policy terms of PCbook.

No you cannot delete your business profile. Instead of deleting the account, what you can do is transfer the account from one user to another. After transferring your business profile, all the existing content & complaints related to your previous business account will also be transferred along with your profile as well. Besides this, the new user would be able to get full access to that business profile and do whatever changes he/she wants to.

Sorry, you wouldn’t be able to delete your primary mobile number if you don't have any other mobile number in your PCbook account previously. In such cases, what you can do is add another mobile number and set that as the primary one. After that, you shall be able to delete your old primary number without any interrupt.


To delete your primary mobile number from your PCbook account permanently, first of all you need to point to any other number as your primary mobile number by clicking the radio button, if there are no any other number we recommend you to add another number and set that as the primary one. This is way you can delete your previously listed primary number without any interruption.


Please note that after your delete any mobile number from your own PCbook account, as per the regulation, PCbook will hold that particular mobile number for the next 3 months and after that the previously registered mobile number will be removed permanently from your PCbook account.

If you are filing a complaint against a person or company at PCbook, we allow a time period of 3 days to both parties so that they can arrange witness support to win any complaint. If PCbook gets the maximum witness support from the 1st party within given timeline, then that complaint gets forwarded to the resolution stage.


On the other hand, if PCbook gets the maximum witness support from the 2nd party within given timeline, then that complaint gets deleted permanently by PCbook.

Normally, the person who comes to file a complaint against anyone is known as the 1st party or the complainant.


Alternatively, the person who is being complained against is known as the 2nd party or the defendant.

After receiving any false complaint from the complainant, PCbook will block that person’s account so that he/she cannot file any new complaint on PCbook. Providing false information PCbook will take appropriate actions against the complainant. Please read our SECTION-13 for more detailed information.

To permanently delete any case or complaint, it’s mandatory to come to a final settlement through PCbook. After paying settlement amount, PCbook will proceed further to remove complaint permanently and then the settlement amount will be forwarded to the complaint submitter. There is no any charges will be taken by pcbook.


If you wish to come to a settlement through PCbook, the officials of PCbook will take the responsibility to delete complaint permanently which was against you. Moreover, PCbook will provide you final settlement report (FSR) it’s help you to prevent if 1st party (complaint submitter) filing any complaint again on the same topic.

We request you please share us your final settlement report (FSR). As soon as we get it from you, we will take the appropriate action on the 1st party (plaintiff) and against your complaint will get deleted by us.

Once the settlement process has been completed, you can download the final settlement report (FSR) from the file centre at the official website of PCbook. Please check your file centre page for a better understanding.


Once the settlement process has completed, the final settlement report (FSR) will mail you in your mail address as registered in your account within 10 minutes. Please check you inbox and spam folder.

If you have not received your final settlement report (FSR) through mail, we would request you to update your Aadhar number or PAN number in your profile. After that, you shall be able to find out your final settlement report (FSR) from “File Centre” within a period of 7 days.


Once the settlement process has completed, the final settlement report (FSR) will be mailed to you in your registered mail address within 10 minutes only if PCbook has got correct information about your Aadhar number in you profile.

If you want PCbook to notify automatically to your friends and relatives to be your witness on your every complaint, you just need to create your witness group list, then from there you need to select those friends and relative members who all you wish to be your witness on your all complaints. By enabling the “Auto witness” option, PCbook will notify to your all enabled members for giving their witness behalf on complaint you submit or received


There is another option is “manual witness” where you need to select multiple members and you can send them notification manually by clicking “Manual witness”. However, this option will work only when your complaint status is running.


PCbook also gives you the option to share your complaint number manually. Besides this, you can click on the “Make witness” button and this will help you to share your complaint number to your family members, friends and relatives via multiple popular social media platforms, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail and so on.

style="background: white; margin: 0in 0in 7.5pt 0in;">The people who you are going to add under the “Auto witness” option will receive your all complaints notification automatically and they will also get notified to give their witness on your complaints. In case of “Manual witness” you will have to select manual members to notify them for giving their witness on you complaint.


Under the “Auto witness” option, your group members will get your complaints notification at the time of complaint submitted by you or complaint against you both cases. But manual witness does not work like this. After any complaint submission by you or if there has been any complaint against you, then you will need to send notification them manually.

You are receiving notifications to be witness of your friends and relatives because your friends and relatives have listed you in their auto witness member at PCbook and they have given permission to sharing their all complaint’s notifications to their members.

As per your witness, if your party goes to your side that’s known as honest witness given by you.

As per your witness if your party goes to your opposite side that’s called dishonest witness given by you.

Conversation is known to be like a platform between two parties and both the party’s witness members. This source is fully dedicated to people who wants to decide/compromise what has been wrong with both the parties and mostly importantly find out which party sounds genuine.


Here, everyone is given the option share their own option and raise their voice any particular complaint. Moreover, the complaint will be publicly visible even after if the complain gets live after 3 days.

Yes, it is possible. To do so, you need to select the "chat personally" option by which you can search your complaint number then clicking on the "chat icon" button, you can start messaging anyone personally whoever you want to. You need to keep in your mind your all conversation should be respectful and also supportive to policies of PCbook.

If you don’t want to share your complaint to your friends, relatives, colleagues manually and if you want PCbook to notify your friends, relatives, colleagues for becoming your witness for all your each complaints automatically (On behalf of you), then you just need to add them in your “Auto witness” section (Welcome> Auto witness). Here, once your preferred members are added, they will keep receiving notifications of all your complaints automatically to be your witness. You can edit the option any time by clicking enable or disable. You can also remove them permanently from your auto witness list by clicking the “Delete” icon.

  1. First you can connect your QR scanner device into your computer.

Then after clicking on “scan” option, you can point the cursor in the search table, then continue your scanner device to scanning QR code printed on social card.


If you want to save person’s information, then you need click on “Download CSV or JPG,” and the file will be downloaded in your computer.


If you want to view all complaints against that person, you just need to click “view public complaint” button on the same page.


  1. Using Mobile application

If you are using a mobile application, you need to click on scan button and scan QR code printed on social card using your mobile camera.


If you want to save person’s information click on download CSV or JPG and that file will be downloaded in your device.

Inside of QR code of social card you will get that person’s full name, father’s name, permanent address, Aadhar number, social number, mobile number and most importantly person’s image for whom you want information for.

QR code of the social card has encrypted by pcbook, to access that personal information you need to go to the official website of PCbook ( so that you can get to access all information. You should also know that no one other side can access any information inside QR code of social card except pcbook.

You may not be familiar but most of the time scammers close their mobile numbers after committing a scam and if you anyhow re-purchase that same mobile number from any SIM operator, you will be publicly visible as a scammer.

To reset your password, you will first need to go to settings option, after that you just need to scroll down to the security settings. Then you will be asked to enter your old password and type your new preferred password. Then after you click on “Change password”, your password will be updated successfully. Also, if you want to enable the “2 step authentication” for enhanced security, you can keep the “2 step verification” turned on.

If you have to complain against a person who hasn’t followed PCbook policies or if you think all contents and attached evidences by that person are fake, infringement, edited, revised or submitted, then you are given the option to contact us as soon as complaint had been filed at PCbook. You can let us know about your thoughts at with a subject of “report infringement” along with maximum strongly evidences in the body section of your mail. If your evidences seems legit to the verification team of PCbook, then your complaint would be deleted by PCbook and rest assured, we will take strict action on complaint submitter as soon as possible.

. If you have to complain against a person who hasn’t followed PCbook policies or if you think all contents and attached evidences by that person are fake, infringement, edited, revised or submitted, then you are given the option to contact us as soon as complaint had been filed at PCbook. You can let us know about your thoughts at with a subject of “report infringement” along with maximum strongly evidences in the body section of your mail. If your evidences seems legit to the verification team of PCbook, then your complaint would be deleted by PCbook and rest assured, we will take strict action on complaint submitter as soon as possible.

Be aware from that person he/she must be a scammer. Never ever send a penny to anybody for processing fees on you prize because PCbook never asks winners to send any money for claiming or receiving their prize. For more information we’d recommend you to go through PCbook privacy policy. And report us at

If a complainant wants to keep his/her name confidential, in such cases his/her name won’t be visible to anyone and their names would be highlighted as “*************.

Always make sure that the images you choose in the form of evidences to your complaint, may be subjected to copyright. Using someone else’s uploaded image will lead to copyright infringement, which is known to be a serious civil and criminal offence that can lead a person to imprisonment for up to 3 years.